Who is The Ethical Landlady?

I’m Karen Gregory aka The Ethical Landlady and I began operating as a letting agent in 2017 having rented out my own properties for a number of years.

Karen is an accredited landlord and the London South Regional Representative for the National Residential Landlords Association

She regularly runs meetings for landlords from Kingston to Greenwich and everything in-between. She is passionate about helping other landlords deliver quality safe homes.

Prior to becoming The Ethical Landlady, Karen had a long and successful career in marketing working for the BBC, various Government departments and the Save The Children charity.

Karen is a regular rower for Barnes Bridge Ladies Rowing Club and enjoys walking her dog, Rafa on Wimbledon Common.

My own experience of using high street agents combined with the stories that friends and family would tell me convinced me that there was an opportunity to provide the kind of letting service that I would want for myself. By that I mean operating as a lettings agent who is driven by a desire to provide a top class service to both landlords AND tenants, a strong belief that being ethical is important in a world that can often appear unfair and unscrupulous and most importantly, a personal ambition to play a key role in providing lovely, safe homes for people to live in. As they say, if you want something done properly, do it yourself so I launched The Ethical Landlady.

I now manage a number of properties predominantly in south London, ranging from 1 bedroom flats to 5 bedroom houses. I ensure that both the landlord and the tenants receive the same quality of service irrespective of the size and the rental value. I have an excellent network of local tradespeople and will only work with people who I can personally vouch for and whose work I know to be of a high standard and fairly priced. I personally handle the entire process of marketing a new property, doing viewings and the subsequent contractual arrangements necessary once a tenant has been identified.

I take great care in assessing the suitability of tenants for both the property and the expectations of the landlord to ensure the right fit. I understand the importance of relationship building and take a number of steps to ensure I engage regularly with landlords and tenants, am available outside of normal office hours and to resolve any issues or difficulties as quickly as possible.

I want to work with landlords who care about more than simply getting the rent every month, important though that is. I will use my expertise and skills to match your property with tenants who want to create a home in which they will behave respectfully. Getting this right is important to creating a positive experience for the home-owner and those that live there, all of which makes sound business sense. For me, letting a home is more than just a business arrangement.